The studio

Every period has its poor as well as its exceptional designs, and only the veritably beautiful ones will persist throughout time.

According to this standard, at Rentmeister designs have been developed and transferred to production since 1897. In about 1900, the grandfather Peter Rentmeister designed the pattern for our fabric Richmond, adapting an old leather wall covering from the Renaissance. Today Richmond graces Tina Turners residence high above the Bay of Nizza. The pattern of our fabric Radames dates back to the 24th of December 1936. In Stirling Castle, 1200 metres of Radames cover the walls of the hall of coronation. Many of the great passenger liners of the Twenties were furnished with the fabric Cecil. In 2008, the Holland-America-Line chose the same fabric for more than 1000 chairs in the restaurants of their premium liner "Eurodam.".

Throughout decades, the Rentmeister studio has developed important parts of the collections of well-known companies such as Girmes, Irisette, Fleuresse, Smail, Luxorette and Gardisette. It has enriched textile variety by innovations- for example, the first multi-coloured Jacquard-borders for terry-towels in the 1970s. Another of the studio's fundamental developments is the discovery of the variegation in shadow velours in 1968, which allowed an endless number of textile effects instead of the only three known up to that time.

Currently, Rentmeister's studio department is experiencing a renaissance. On one hand, there is a rising demand of private and contract clients for the individual adaptation of present designs or ancient originals.
On the other hand, there are developments for today's technical fabrics just as well.