Our fabrics are completely produced in our own manufactory in Krefeld. We use highly developed, computer- operated looms in different processing technologies. The range of our yarn materials varies from precious, hank-dyed natural fibres such as silk, kid-mohair for flat woven fabrics, new wool, linen and ramie- or viscose- chenille to metallic yarns of brass as well as silver- and 14 carat gold-plated yarns.


When we ordered our first loom in 1983, eight different weft colours used to be common standard and the manufacturer could not comply with our demand for 16 individual weft positions. That is why they built the world's first loom with 14 weft colours on our own risk. Needless to say that there are 16 colours today. Due to a pattern width that matches the whole loom width of 130 cm, we are not limited in any way.

As we weave on demand, we are able to offer any design in standard colours as well as in individual colourations based on our whole variety of yarn colours. If required, individual dyeing in accordance to the customer's demand will also be possible. Intensively coloured or rather restraint figures, more or less metallic effects- these choices can be made corresponding to the customer's own taste. If woven with a light warp system, each design gains a different expression- come and see.

One of our outstanding strengths is the ability of individual design arrangements, including our own studio, for example. The “medallion”- designs such as Paeonia, Meissen and Baltimore can also be provided with a single centre motif for bigger, expanded applications. Concerning these designs, the height of the pattern repeat can be adapted.

Redesigning an already existing pattern, replicating an old family treasure, weaving a fabric in transverse direction for a sofa of excess width, dyeing a yarn according to a customer's demand- tell us about your ideas. We will find a solution!